my 50,000th upset billy probably ?? i had happy ones i swear look at pete’s cute BFF look at him 
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wanted to draw my favorite Red Lotus Member, P’Li! or as I’d like to call her, Combustion Woman.

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Ugh today was great I met some people from Australia and Switzerland and had some groups that laughed at all my jokes and I got to go home an hour early and I should be getting my paycheck tomorrow and I am so happy its all going good. 

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272: Calico Sketch
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So my fish isn’t even with me its at the house I am moving into on Sunday and I am so nervous and I hope he is doing ok. I only knew him for about an hour when I got him from the store but already I have an attachment and I just want to be there for him while he gets acclimated to his new surroundings. 

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I got a beta fish! I am not sure what to name him though. What do you like:

  • Mr. Limpet
  • Brightly
  • Babel  (like a babel fish)
  • Gilbert 
  • Poseidon
  • ????

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I love your art! It’s adorable! Could you draw Rosemary please? (Rose and Kanaya)
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