Train Trip, Sweden 
Photograph by Vytautas Serys
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Let’s go disco girl!
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Tintype Witches, 1875 (via)

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Guess what! 1200 Posters is back, and if you missed out on grabbing my poster the first time around, now’s your chance! Buy it here. Also, The Creative Action Network is now accepting submissions for new posters too.
If you’re curious, you can check out my original process post for this piece from way back in 2011. (yeesh time flies!)
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"The Fisherman’s Wife"
I’ve been wanting to experiment with animated illustration for a while. Not a gif; but really focus on the illustration aspect with animation used to enhance it further. This is just a quickie but It’s kinda fun. I’ve been listening to sea shantys pretty much non-stop.

Reblogging in honor of impending Halloween! MOOHOOHOOHAHAHA HAVE A SPOOKY DAY.

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